My kids call me Ganja Grannie, but my favorite new remedy for the indignities of aging has such a limited amount of cannabis in it (less than .03%) that it CAN'T be sold in pot stores even in states where  pot is legal.   I ordered [Link Removed] on the web after I heard about it in my Silver Sneakers class; it comes in a neat purse-size roller, spray gel or luscious sweet-smelling cream composed of natural essential oils and menthol catalyzed by a trace of  cannabis sativa that sparks the healing effect.  A  spot-on idea that's more effective than NSAIDs for post-workout healing because it goes where the hurt is instead of where it's not.  You don't have to be an old hippie like me who takes her "recreation" legally now - just a woman whose age-related arthritis and joint pain led her straight to my favorite new products!